Tuesday, April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011

Kodin has a very limited ability to learn new things. His attention span is extremely limited, it can be non- existant if he is overly excited (too many outside stimulants add to this; excess movement, noise, people, loud noises, more than one thing he likes-like a dog, and a small child..or just a dog, or small child:). Good news though, when he does learn something new he is eager to use it. I taught him how to peal a mandrine orange last night. He had already tried to bite it..so a piece was missing. He was sooo excited for himself. To celebrate he shoed it in his face in two large pieces. This am, he was trying to shove an orange in his pocket as he left for the bus. I had givin him one as soon as he saw them in the bowl on the table when he wondered into the kitchen half awake...but equiped with one he can now share his discovery with others. He really does things he is taught to make those that care for him happy, but with the orange, he can show off his skill and eat.
Eatting..oh..Kodin and eatting. Not good. Kodin has always eatten too much. He doesn't understand the concept of choking,or exploding from food intake. He is pretty much in the midst of a major weight increase. There are several reasons for this actually.
The first reason Kodman is gaining astronomical amounts of weight is due to the fact that he moved in with me in January from the institution Chileda, where he has resided for the last 6+ years. Kodin's funding got cut from Hawaii Department of education that has been trying to detatch from being responsible for his care since they started.  Sooo, anyways, here we are Kodin back with mom (who by no means is equiped to care for my very large and sometimes dangerous child). My house, unlike Chileda, has a fridge with food in it at all times, unlocked cuboards with..food..I know, whats wrong with me?! Chileda is contracted out with a nearby hospital (Franciscan Skemp) to provide meals that they deliver for all breakfast,lunch and dinner(supper in Wisconsin). If Kodin wasn't hungry or perhaps busy doing something he thought was more important at the time, then he missed that meal..or it was saved for him, but then he might not like it anymore. Point is, there wasn't always food in the fridge. I tried to go shopping every day, but that is straight rediculous if your child teeters precariously on top of a bench so you can try and safely get him into a shopping carts. (Visualize a 200 pound male, at about 5'6 who is very clumsy and perhaps more interested in the people and cookies(that always seem to be located in large quantities by the front of Walmart(which is the only place with a bench right by the carts)). Danger right?! Anyways, after getting him in the cart you have to constantly stear clear of people and displays, while towing another cart behind you..fun stuff. Kodi has long arms. Seriously fast, long arms. He can't brace himself from a fall to save his life, but he can whip a box of chocolate off the shelf and have it open before you have realized there was chocolate in the veggie area. So, while yelling "HI!" at the top of his lungs, constantly..in his now very male, teenage voice (intimidating), at all who get anywhere near us..he tries to swip hugs and hands, and hit people to get their attention. He is grossly strong btw, so an innocent swat, or grab can be painful and harmful. A little person too close to the cart can eat metal in a split second. People don't like getting grabbed, or hit. Just saying.
I don't go shopping everyday, so we have a fridge with food. There is no way to lock the fridge. I could buy a new fridge; no I couldn't, I don't have money, and the locks are made of plastic..not metal. So he can get in. When he is home he wants to eat. We have good food (thank you mom..and I thank her because fruit and veggies for a 200 pound child are cha ching$$). I am always cooking or being buried in dish disaster. When it's so brutally cold, outtings lose their omph. So we get big when it's cold.
Reason number two for gaining weight..brutally cold winter, and just so happens this spring as well. And i shall continue later...

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