Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday, April 26th Weight Gain continued...

I mentioned earlier today Kodin moving into my home from Chileda(where he used to reside), was  a reason why Kodin has gained an uncomfortable (for him, and school, and myself)amount of weight as of late. For Kodin's sake, I'm sure it uncomfortable to move around with this new found weight. He sweats abnormally as it is, extra weight is an unnecessary sweater. It makes it difficult to get up from his beanbag chair I have noticed:) The school always fills me in on his monsterous spikes when they weigh him in. It must seem to them that some serious controls need to be placed in the home; I believe it has more to do with locks and disabling tools that prevent the guy from getting at stuff (ones I have no money to put into affect). He is not being pampered by food, as they must assume. I admit, I was a little lost as to how to handle the new found situation with my son in January, I ordered pizza and succumed to the candy "reinforcemnt" program Kod is accustomed to. It didn't take long to realize, pizza is expensive, and daily shopping was out of the question. We eat good things now ($considerably expensive), but we eat and don't exercise. Come on Spring. That leads into reasons I am concerned about the weight gain. I am concerned, because with his lack of exercise (is unhealthy,) is my lack of exercise. Kodin has gone from a 32, to a 36(tight). I have gained 15 pounds(since January). When the weather is nice; I have learned, we can walk together. It's lovely that the areas closest to us have no major hills, our walk from our house to downtown La Crosse is seriously..flat (unlike our stomachs;).  We can both walk together, and he holds my hand(mostly). The weather has to be nice though, that we don't have. It is 40 degrees right now. Ug, snow storm the weekend before last. So, if it's nice there is something we can do that is only life threatening 50 percent of the time. The other 50 percent is when he overpowers me and wants to go in another direction,or keep walking into the street at a busy corner,or take off at a run (which he only does when there is danger-he NeVeR runs otherwise-he can run towards). I have some very creative and quick moves to try and prevent any major incedents. We are alive, but our chances of injury will increase with the wonderful sunshine..whenever that shows up. I hate Kodin being so uncomfortabley large, and it just gives people another reason to stare. And, jeans are expensive!! This child is expensive; sweet, loves his mom, wants to be good(mostly), but expensive. I think his breathing is deeper and more labored and he snores louder as well.
I should mention that Kodin is a teenager, and I have changed his meds as two other contributing factors. Teenagers need to eat more, beacuse they need the fuel for the energy and growing, I get that. But, he should be running around as a teen, doing crazy, energetic, adventurous, dangerous, boy/teen stuff. He isn't. So, therefore..outward growth far surpasses upward growth.
I have changed Kodin's meds..and that is where I will start tomorrow..Good Night

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