Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28th

I just somehow erased this wonderful huge amount of info..crazy frustrating.
So, anyways..Kodin was born on June the 19th 1995, in Kealakekua, Hawaii. He weighed in at a wopping 9.5 pounds. He never lost his birth weight as children customarily do. He thouroughly loved his life of sleeping and eatting. Sam Choy (a chef that makes generous portion Hawaiian style grinds), said Kodin should be the first "haole Sumo." (Haole means all sorts of things, but mostly that he is white). Kodman wasn't very vocal and hardly cried. I was going to college taking Psychology(which covers human development), Early Childhood Education (also covering development, and Human Biology (guess what, yup,human development). Besides learning about human development, I must have read hundreds of books about babies coming into the world and blooming wonderfully from there. Not a ton of anything was happening. There was no babbling, no crying really either. Kod didn't start to walk till he was 2ish. Around 2ish his father and I seperated as well. I enrolled Kodin in a program at the Department of Health, an infant and toddler program. I learned that Kodin was worse off than most, and that I should consider coming to grips with the idea that my son had some very serious issues. Convincing yourself is one thing (not a super fun thing might I add)..convincing others, that I was not a jerk, as they assumed, but really needing to accept this in order to move forward, devise a plan and get things accomplished. P.S.I am a young mom at this point..I was 21 when he was born. Point is, I wasn't taken very seriously with my lamenting. Kodin was staying at my friends during the day so I could work, until she called and said he really needed one on one attention.

I will return. Kodin didn't wake me up at 5 am like he loves to do (lame), I couldn't sleep, and now that I have re-written this whole chunk of info, I feel very sleepy. And, although they are replacing the roof next door and it sounds like they are doing my roof..I gotta sneak these luxuries when they present themeslves. I usually have millions of appointments,errands and such, but the weekend is almost here and I am stealing today for me, the phone is an explotion of calls..this kid and myself generate a ton of communication (most of which get us no where, or provides nadda). I already had a call from Kodin's teacher (who is awesome btw) who was filling out paperwork, and needed some answers, and pretty sure the bank called about my phone is totally off now. We shall continue later...

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