Thursday, May 12, 2011

May the 12th

Aloha, I haven't been on much lately so I thought I should start with a little Kodman facts
-Kodin loves water
-Kodin has webbed toes, a set on both feet
-Kod would explode from food if he was given the opportunity
-Kodin loves dogs, he is a little scary with most, he wants to kiss their faces and snuggle their little necks off
-Kodin has been able to sign gramma, and his first variation from the first and only thing he could say when he was younger(ma), and made it mamama so he could express his love for her
-Kodi takes a lot of Seroquel, and he is an explotion of crazy tornado(ness) without it, the effects of long term use are starting to show and it makes me sick
-He doesn't like wind, if you have no ac, like my old car didn't(the heat was stuck on mind you), then he will roll the windows up to avoid the cursid air
-Fishing rods are his favorite thing, we tie a toy to the end and he can cast like a master, he hates worms, and fish, and I hate the idea of pulling hooks out of him. I buy more fishing rods than any other human
-Kodman likes watching House

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