Saturday, May 7, 2011

May the 7th

Good morning,
  As you can imagine the night of the stand off was a long one. I ended up moving us to the back yard and not letting him inside for much longer. I made a fire and set up the grill. Kodin looked for bugs, tried eatting some old bok choy that I threw outside (I try to let nature do it's work to the veggies and such instead of throwing it in the trash), and treid to distroy the garage and every planted and growing thing in creation. Kodin may have not made the walk happen, but I hope he knows I mean business. He too can make his very own momma bear tempestuous.  He was thrilled with the fire, having all of my attention, getting to discover the garage, unplanting etc, so it is hard to say who won.  His new white Nikes are all scratched and covered in dirt, his arms where bite up and horrible..we both lost.  It really doesn't matter for days anyway, I looked at the weather; as I do every morning), and it will rain for as many days as the chart allowed me to see.  (In the winter I have to know what is looming outside before I head out there [now I'm just curious if spring is really arriving or not, and bless me it will be warm while all this raining is happening...May showers I guess]).  I am wondering if Kodin's knee is bothering him, or he is affraid it will, it is a lot frustrating not being able to communicate. It was really swollen three days ago, I took him to the doctor last week and it was slightly swollen, his doctor said it might be from the new found walking(the appointment literaly lasted 3 minutes). I gave him an advil and put arneca on his knee before we left in antisipation of discomfort.

I was writing several days before about how we arrived her in La Crosse from Hawaii. I left off with we were at the hospital, Kodin had injured himself, and I refused to leave the hospital. This decision lead to the whole State's DOE, and DOH, the hospital administartion, social workers and some others to try to get Kodi to leave.  With the new group of people looking for a way to get Kodin out of the state, we found a place. Chileda in La Crosse, WI is the only place we could find that institutionalized any child under the age of 14.  It is against the law to institutionalize children in every state (and as I have found out while living in La Crosse, Wisconsin is the most strict about this law). {I want to add that there is a place in Boston that we had researched which took strictly autistic children and might still have been an option, if they hadn't had charges against them several times for abuse and violence-years later my friends Nicole and Julie accompanied me to this place}.  The La Crosse care facility, called Chileda, would take Kodin, but they were at full capacity.  So, in an urgent rush we packed and were assigned some folks to travel with us, I moved Kodin to Wisconsin in February of 2005.

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