Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th

sit has been a beautiful day. i have been super excited to go on a walk with kodin all day. i did a thousand errands in hopes to be ready for his arrival. he is in a stand off with me..outside the front door and wont get up. he is bleeding from his arm from biting it open.i am writing this from my phone that refuses to capitilize letters and punctuate properly..except for periods. everyone that has driven down beautiful hood street is staring. it looks like some huge domestic is occuring. i cant pick him up,i tried manuevering him to a stand.he is banging his head against the ground,trying to break the screen glass with his arm, kicking the door open,slamming his arms against the pavement and door.i wont go back inside,cause he wants to,it hasnt been spring yet...and he and i need to back and brain hurts already,and i have done zero im affraid if i get him walking he will freak out along the way but i have to chance it,because he cant just refuse to walk cause he would rather watch tv. i am very sad that we r wasting the day,the wind has picked up,and the clouds are rolling in and im

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  1. The phone clogging is not working so much..but Im sure u get that this is super not awesome. Its been an hour...standing here. I am completely ignoring him except for the occasional let's go, or ur not going in...he is yelling for attention now..I hope that means Im winning..just noticed comments function with proper keys and capitalizing and spacing..swell.